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1. Confidence. When you can power up and over obstacles that would have normally taken you off the bike, make it to the top of that ridiculous fire road, and cruise with the ease of a pro, you gain confidence and build new riding skills.

2. Short on time? Get the ride in. Does your neighborhood loop take just a bit too long to finish before or after work? An E-MTB is the answer. And if you think it’s cheating on your workout to let a battery help you out, remember: It never gets easier, you just go faster.

3. Make new friends.  Slow friends can ride with fast friends and fast friends can ride with slower ones. Show up to a new group ride without worry of being left behind. Now there really are no excuses!

4. Go the distance. Ride farther than ever before. See new places, experience new trails. Bring along supplies for a picnic or some libations, because on E-MTB’s you don’t have to count grams. Just remember to keep an eye on that battery life! (Most e-bikes allow for multiple power output settings to help maximize battery life).

5. Try not to smile. We dare you. You can fight the urge, but very important studies show that you will likely succumb to the giddiness. Riding an E-MTB will make you non-stop grin and giggle because it’s just plain fun.

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